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Industry Week Profiles GenNx360's Operational Prowess
Portfolio Company News - August 18, 2010

In its September 2010 issue, GenNx360 Capital Partners and founding partner Lloyd Trotter were profiled in an Industry Week story entitled, "Private Equity 3.0." The profile details GenNx360's strategy as an acquirer of choice seeking to help grow businesses by utilizing the firm's unrivaled operational experience and best practices.

"Three of the founding members of GenNx360 are out of operating backgrounds. Generally you'll see the founding members of other private equity firms are more financial oriented," Mr. Trotter told Industry Week. "In my experience, being able to stand toe-to-toe with our CEOs in a portfolio company and debate the merits of the methodologies they're using forces them to think outside of the box, and I believe it helps them improve at a much faster rate."

About GenNx360 Capital Partners

GenNx360 Capital Partners is a private equity 3.0 firm that applies leading operational expertise and investment discipline to successfully buy, guide, grow and sell industrial B2B companies, generate superior returns and preserve capital regardless of market cycles.

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