Hallmarks of Value Creation

Top Talent

Investment leaders, senior operating executives, and a team of highly qualified finance professionals dedicated to performance excellence

Buy and Build Strategy

Strategic acquisitions that fuel expansion into value-added services, capabilities, product lines, multiple end markets, and expanded geographies

Operational Excellence

Partnering with portfolio companies' management to lead operations-focused margin expansion and sustainable growth

GenNx360 Industrial Focus Industrial Focus Industrial Focus Industrial Focus Industrial Focus Industrial Focus

Industrial Focus

Investing in industrial business services and manufacturing companies in fragmented industries with attractive macro drivers, in sectors we know well

Proactive Sourcing

A key tenet of our value creation. Leverages our extensive networks and deep-bench of sector specialists and leads us to proprietary deal flow

Manufacturing Trends

Uniquely positioned to capitalize on trends shaping the future of manufacturing, including reshoring and automation

Focus and Execution At-A-Glance

Business & Industrial
Proven & Sustainable
Business Models
$50 - $500M
$5 - $50M
$50 - $500M
Transaction Size
$25 - $100M
Equity Investment Size

Durable Portfolio Construction

Current Investments include:
24 platform companies & 45 bolt-on acquisitions

We invest exclusively in North America-based business-to-business middle market industrial services and manufacturing companies in fragmented markets having structural tailwinds and sustainable competitive advantages in sectors we know well. We provide the talent and expertise of our in-house operational talent and the expertise and transaction experience of our investment team.  Together, we accelerate value creation.

All GenNx360 portfolio companies are deemed essential businesses and continued operations through the pandemic

Our Portfolio Companies

Take a look at how Miller Environmental Group's highly trained service team responds to COVID-19.

Our Team

Our strength is our deeply experienced investment and operational team, coupled with the operating processes and toolkit that we bring to bear in every investment from sourcing through diligence, execution and portfolio management, continually driving our investment thesis for growth and a successful exit.

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Our Portfolio Companies

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