Business services logistics

website: www.syncreon.com

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Monty Yort, myort@gennx360.com

  • Industry: Business services logistics
  • Acquired: 2009
  • Headquarters:  Auburn Hills, Michigan

syncreon is a leading asset-light global logistics company that facilitates the integration of customers’ supply chains and the final delivery of finished products to their end customers. Headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, syncreon’s global operating platform consists of 98 facilities in 20 countries.

syncreon tailors integrated logistics services to meet the unique operational requirements of each industry it serves including technology, telecom, retail, automotive, healthcare, and alternative energies. The company’s diverse and expanding client base includes global and regional blue chip customers.

Global Trade magazine recently selected syncreon as one of the top 10 specialized service providers in the American third-party logistics market highlighting syncreon’s engagement with technology, telecom, and automotive markets.