Subsea Global Solutions

website: www.subseaglobalsolutions.com

GenNx360 Contact:
Matt Guenther, mguenther@gennx360.com

  • Industry: Underwater Vessel Repair & Maintenance
  • Acquired: 2018
  • Headquarters: Miami, Florida
Subsea is a provider of underwater vessel maintenance, inspection and repair services to vessel owners and operators within diversified marine transportation and construction sectors.  Subsea services include hull and propeller fleet management, underwater wet welding, seal replacement, tunnel thruster repair, azimuth thruster repair, and environmental hull cleaning.  The Company provides both routine hull maintenance services to drive fuel efficiencies and highly technical repair solutions allowing vessel operators to reduce dry-docking costs, while keeping the vessel in service.  The Company operates out in 12 locations, including its headquarters in Miami, 4 additional U.S. locations and 7 locations worldwide of 12 facilities worldwide, and employs a team of over 115 highly trained, expert diver technicians.