For transaction opportunities:

Monty Yort
Phone: 212 257 6778
Email: myort@gennx360.com

Matt Guenther
Phone: 212 257 6776
Email: mguenther@gennx360.com

Rishi Verma
Phone: 646 747 3822
Email: rverma@gennx360.com

Tim Cremieux
Phone: 212 257 6776
Email: tcremieux@gennx360.com

Pratik Rajeevan
Phone: 212 257 6787
Email: prajeevan@gennx360.com

Paul Gillette
Phone: 212 257 6773
Email: pgillette@gennx360.com

Peter White
Phone: 212 257 6783
Email: pwhite@gennx360.com

We value greatly the transaction flow that investment bankers, independent sponsors, business brokers, and other intermediaries provide and are grateful for those opportunities. They play a critical role in our success. Our candid and timely feedback, fairness, and transparency help us to forge strong, long-lasting relationships that create mutually-beneficial results. We pay finder’s fees to buy-side intermediaries and welcome such investment opportunities.

Our dedicated team of senior investment professionals welcomes the opportunity to discuss more about how we can work together.

Why GenNx?

We are process-oriented investment professionals. Our internal process for identifying targets allows us to thoroughly assess the fit of your client’s company before we submit an indication of interest.

We buy what we know, not what’s for sale.  We invest only in industries where our principals have worked and have extensive experience based on our acquisition criteria.

We speak your client’s language.  Our partners understand your client’s business.  Many are former operators of companies who understand global trends, the industry, subsectors, products, customers and end markets, to quickly understand your client’s business.

Certainty of close.  We can close on investments quickly.  Our principals have the investment experience and business acumen to structure transactions to meet the unique goals of each business owner with minimum disruption to their business.