Our core values define who we are and permeate everything we do


Leadership models our values. We walk the talk.

  • We are genuine, open and honest.
  • We perform in both an ethical and moral manner.
  • We are compliant with the law and meet regulations in both letter and spirit.
  • We do what is right regardless of who is looking or who would know.
  • We "stick to our knitting" and deliver what we promised.
  • If we are in doubt about how to handle a situation...we ask.

Each individual understands their role and respects the role of others.

  • We value working together as a team.
  • We are as comfortable in following as we are in leading.
  • Everyone has an opportunity to succeed.
  • We appreciate and enjoy the success of others.
  • We put the team before ourselves.
  • We seek to learn from everyone regardless of their background or level.
  • We actively seek out opportunities to help our team excel.
Respect for Others

We strive to persuade and influence, not intimidate.

  • We value the individual and look for opportunities to leverage their diverse skills...helping both them and the organization to grow and develop.
  • We respect the value of everyone's time.
  • We value others asking for help...once they have taken the time to improve themselves.
  • We implement policies and procedures consistent with our values and apply them fairly.
Performance Excellence

We are committed to cultivating a performance driven, accountable culture that rewards results.

  • We value smart and quality work and respect those that employ it with passion in achieving results.
  • We value creative solutions and the individuals that remain flexible and adaptable while providing them.
  • We value expectations and measures for our performance — clear, concise, and achievable — that define what success looks like.
  • We do not make excuses for errors or our shortcomings but focus on not repeating them...we find solutions that improve on them and prevent their reoccurrence.
  • We escalate potential issues whether within or outside our area.
  • We understand how we achieve results is as important as the achievement itself.
Investor Focus

We understand our fiduciary responsibility and recognize its impact on the lives of real people.

  • We believe transparency is an investor right.
  • Our investors are at the core of what we do.
  • We solicit and value our investors' counsel.
  • We value responsiveness to our investors' requests.
  • We endeavor to understand the needs of our investors...before they ask.
  • We believe in the alignment of interests and good governance in our decisions and actions.
Open and Candid Communications

We live in reality. We understand what is actually happening and respond accordingly.

  • We value everyone's opinion...even when it differs from our own.
  • We encourage open discussions...actively seeking out differing opinions.
  • We value hearing from teammates and incorporating good ideas into our thought process...we use what we learn.
  • We seek out fair assessments of our work...because we want to improve.
  • We encourage building relationships within the team that facilitate candid and open communications.
Quality, Timely and Accountable Decision Making

We believe that no decision is the poorest decision of all.

  • We value decisiveness with both clarity and brevity.
  • We value taking the right amount of time and using the appropriate resources in validating data to make a good decision/recommendation.
  • We recognize that sometimes all the data, time or resources are not available and a decision must still be made.
  • We value everyone executing on the decision once made...even when they do not agree.
  • We value the honesty in making a wrong decision...in being both accountable for them and their outcomes as well as their mitigants.
Socially Conscious and Responsible

We care.

  • We are committed to maintaining the environment where we live, work and invest.
  • We are committed to providing work/life flexibility for those with whom we work.
  • We are committed to giving back and helping those who are in need or less fortunate.